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Drive Progress - HELP

Switch-Off the display

To minimise the battery usage, you may:

  • Send the App to the background
  • Switch-off the display

Until you reach your destination.


When start recording:

GPS is automatically switched-ON.

When resume recording:

GPS is switched-OFF.

GPS can be:

  • switched-on, or
  • switched-off any time by tapping the GPS icon.

Travel duration

The travel duration is counted from the start time.

The travel duration is updated on the screen every 5 minutes on the clock.

Distance Travelled

The distance travelled is calculated using GPS and may vary slightly from the Odometer reading of your vehicle.

Updated on the screen every 5 minutes on the clock.

At the end of the drive, the end odometer filed is populated by adding the calculated distance travelled to the start odometer.

It is recommended to verify your end odometer reading for any necessary changes before signing-off the drive.

Mark what was practiced

This is optional.

Marking what was practiced helps in tracking the progress of the learner.

Stop recording

Switches-off the GPS.Takes you to experience record to review and enter all fields and to sign-off straightaway or save for later sign-off.